Automotive EDI
KA provides industry-leading EDI capabilities, with an approach that incorporates the use of table-driven mapping of all ANSI X.12 and EDIFACT transaction sets for all of your trading partners, including standard integration points with many applications. The Knovalent Automotive EDI application provides a powerful, flexible and cost-effective solution.

EDI has become absolutely essential to many manufacturers -- providing daily requirements for manufacturing just-in-time, notifying customers of shipments as they occur and processing payment information. Your business depends on EDI -- and will become more dependent, as new customer and vendor transactions are implemented.

EDI saves time and can reduce lead-time for raw material procurement and eliminate costly delays due to inaccurate data. EDI requirements are reaching into many applications: Release Accounting, Order Management, Shipping, Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, Receiving, Accounts Payable, and others. The optimal EDI solution must provide for both EDI version control (as customers or vendors implement new versions at different times) and table-driven mapping of EDI data to application databases.

Since every EDI Trading Partner implements standards in a different way, it has become very difficult and expensive to maintain many transaction sets for many trading partners using traditional programming methods.

The Knovalent Automotive Release Accounting solution, along with Extol's EDI Integration product meets many EDI system requirements and also provides a high-level of support.

Key benefits of Automotive EDI
* Complete support for all major standards - ANSI X.12, AIAG, EDIFACT, ODETTE, EDIA (TDCC),
* Fast, accurate and unattended EDI communications to/from your customers and vendors
* Supports all major networks and trading partners
* Flexibility to add new trading partners without coding - new customers or vendors
* Add new transaction sets as required - in many cases without requiring program coding

Key features of Automotive EDI
* Easy set-up and maintenance of new trading partners
* Comprehensive mapping of EDI data to the appropriate applications-complete flexibility
to meet all trading partner requirements
* Easy maintenance of EDI maps
* Code, data and validation tables are user- defined
* Map data by transaction, segment and field - only select the data you need to use
* Subfield and extended element mapping - using conditional logic or arithmetic operations,
hash totals, accumulators or user exits
* Trading partner controls - define which standard, which transaction sets, and
which version(s) are used by trading partner
* Test and production environments
* Standards file maintenance
* Auto-scheduler to run multiple jobs unattended-EDI communications and other KA jobs
* Data splitting and data suspension with data correction and restart capability
* Full standards compliance checking plus user-controlled validation, mandatory elements, etc.
* Automatic functional acknowledgments
* EDI monitor - instant access and view of EDI process
* Communications profiles and session scripts
* Predefined scripts for Chrysler, Ford Solmis, GM, IBM IN, Geisco, Kleinschmidt,
McDonnell Douglas, ORDERNET, Sears, and others
* Detailed controls and security