Release Accounting
Management of Customer releases is becoming more complex as new "standards" are implemented, typically in a unique way by each customer. Support for traditional ANSI X12 transactions (830-Release, 862-HT Schedule, 856-ASN) and for requirements such as the EDIFACT DELJIT, DELFOR and DESADV, ANSI 848-InventoryInquiry/Advice, 861-Receiving Advice and GM-SPO, are critical to meeting customer requirements.

The KA Release Accounting module provides for the management of customer cums and release/ship schedule information, and feeds accurate customer demand to the manufacturing system. EDI transactions are validated and automatically update current release/ship schedules and roll prior schedules to history. Release Accounting gives you the capability to manage releases easily - to reconcile customer cums; to process releases unattended; to create shippers automatically; or to manage customer authorizations or model year-end cum resets.

Key benefits of Release Accounting
* On-time customer shipments
* Reduced excess transportation charges
* Automated processing with complete validation reduces errors for faster creation of shippers
* Supports all major Automotive OEM and AIAG requirements - expands sales
to new automotive customers
* Table-driven mapping support for new EDI Trading Partners
* Reduce obsolescence by tracking high-fab and raw material accurately
* Easy model year roll-over
* Simple contract maintenance and control

Key features of Release Accounting
* Process EDI ANSI X.12 and manual material releases (830) and ship schedules (862)
* Cum tracking-customer cum and your cum/net ship requirements
* Net-based releases and ship schedules - including support for RAN, DON and Kanban numbers
* Automated release/JIT schedule processing
* Auto-creation of shippers based on release or ship schedule requirements
* Release requirements are immediately available to manufacturing (NTS) as demand
* Release variance documentation to support claims
* On-line inquiries to current release or ship schedule information - by customer,
customer item, your item, and destination - plus similar inquiries for release history
* Automatically maintains maximum high-fab and raw material authorizations
* Report requirements in user-defined buckets
* Price tables include pricing by item/contract and over-rides by ship-to destination and
optional date-effective prices
* Attach automatic package pricing and special charges to each shipper and invoice
* Automatic assignment of comments to shipper by item or customer/item
* Unlimited on-line release history with inquiry and reporting
* Sales projections based on release requirements
* Automated model year-end processing
* Reset cum shipped - including post-dated reset
* Reset maximum authorizations
* CD Copy contract same-as-except
* Behind schedule reporting