Order Management, Shipping & Invoicing
Achieving new levels of customer service is the key to success. Knovalent Automotive Order Management, Shipping and Invoicing (OSI) application gives you the capabilities you need. OSI makes it easy to enter and validate orders, manage inventory allocations and customer credit, as you improve on-time delivery.

Order Management provides many options that can be customized to fit your business process. Improve efficiency and effectiveness of order entry and maximize order fulfillment by selecting an alternate warehouse or a substitute item. All major shipping functions are supported for the warehouse: picking, pick confirmation, bar code scanning, Advance Shipment Notification (ASN), shipper adjustments, and printing shipping documents. Invoicing is automated and can be paperless with the use of EDI. Customer returns processing and credit memos are also supported.

Customer Service representatives will appreciate the ease of navigation, the automated control options, and the many on-line inquiries that supply the information they need to satisfy customer requests.

Key benefits of Order Management/Shipping & Invoicing
* Improved customer service - improved accuracy and on-time shipments - improved pricing accuracy
* Fast, efficient order entry
* Real-time inventory availability
* Comprehensive inquiries and reports for full customer service effectiveness

Key features of Order Management/Shipping & Invoicing

Order Management
* Easy order entry and maintenance - multiple order-line screen flows
* Inventory availability - multiple warehouses
* Available-to-promise inquiry and selection
* Supports simple or complex orders - multiple ship-to's, salespersons, warehouses,
and ship-dates per order
* Inventoried and non-inventoried items allowed on orders
* Drop-ship order lines - ship directly from vendor - automatically add to Buyer's Workbench
for creating PO
* Backorder and future-dated order processing
* Multi-currency and multiple taxes supported
* Supports simple or complex pricing, including effective-dates, quantity breaks, customer contracts,
catalog pricing, promotions, and currency-based pricing
* Pricing tables define unit price or piece adjustments from a price level or discounts
* Product group and trade discounts
* Allocation of available inventory by warehouse-allocation management capabilities to allocate
within item replenishment and lead-time-allocate by customer/order priority-adjust allocations
on orders
* User-selected allocation rules
* Lot control, container serial number (AIAG) and item serial number control at picking and shipping
* Comments can default to the order header or order-line by customer, ship-to, item or
standard-optional over-ride of comments-selection of documents for printing comments
* Customer return authorizations - matched receipts - automated credit memo creation
* Comprehensive credit management capability

* Automatic generation of pick lists/shippers from released orders and releases
* Picking lists and shipping documents for all types of shipments: customer orders,
releases/ship-schedules (Release Accounting), and miscellaneous and vendor shipments
* Master Bill of Lading
* Export documentation (US and Canada)
* Pick list adjustments - by exception
* Automatic generation of Advance Shipment Notification (ASN) for EDI
* Scan bar-code shipping labels (AIAG) to complete shippers and match labels
* Ship route picking and truck loading
* Automatic identification of containers, pallets, and weights on shipper
* Record Authorized Excess Transportation Charges (AETC) with responsibility code

* Automated invoice creation from shippers
* Manual invoices and adjustments
* Retro-invoicing support based on sales history
* Interfaces to Accounts Receivable, General Ledger and Sales History

Customer Returns and Credit Memos
* Customer returns authorization - authorize items, return and credit quantities, set effective dates,
identify sales price and cost from sales history
* Receipt processing against returns authorization
* Credit memos - automatically generated from receipt, or created on-line - return goods
to stock or to QA