Purchasing and Receiving
Vendor management has become a critical success factor in many organizations. The KA Purchasing and Receiving system has the capabilities you need - to assess vendor performance, to find the low-cost supplier, and to identify supplier quality and on-time delivery problems.

The Purchasing system includes great tools to automate much of the purchasing process - buyers will become more productive and will have more time to focus on managing vendor relations because they spend less time processing paperwork. In fact, the Purchasing system can be totally paperless. On-line requisitions can be created by supervisors, approved by their management, submitted to a buyer and converted into a purchase order electronically with no paper required. And MRP recommendations for productive material can be converted electronically into purchase orders or releases against a blanket PO.

Further automation is enabled by the electronic 3-way match of AP invoices to purchase orders and receipts. Purchasing is fully integrated with Inventory Management and Accounts Payable - and provides complete purchase-price variance reporting and booking. Interfacing is also available with Shop Floor Control: Discrete for easy Project Accounting and assignment of purchase costs to work orders.

Key benefits of Purchasing & Receiving
* Improve vendor management
* Track and reduce rejected and returned material
* Improve on-time delivery
* Reduce material shortages and expediting costs
* Identify low-cost suppliers
* Automate Vendor Releasing - releases against blanket purchase orders
* Improve productivity of buyers & planners
* Reduce clerical efforts involved in purchasing and matching receipts against purchase orders
* Take advantage of quantity price breaks

Key features of Purchasing & Receiving
* Buyers workbench - convert requisitions to purchase orders on-line -
identify low-cost supplier and quantity price breaks - buyer actions
* On-line requisitions by requisition type - for supplies, mro, tools, raw materials, assets
* Requisition and purchase order authorizations -electronic, with multiple levels
* Planners workbench - convert MRP recommendations to PO releases -
combine recommendations - identify low-cost supplier/quantity price break
* Vendor Releasing - automatically generate PO releases for cum-based
Purchase Orders, including authorizations
* Outside processing support - ship & receive against a blanket PO for outside
service - backflush components - track work-in-process at each vendor
* Support regular (spot-buy) purchase orders, blankets (net or cum), and drop-ship purchase orders
* Purchase order change control on regular and blanket purchase orders, with audit trail
* Fair-share sourcing - multiple vendors for a single item - automatic percentage
split of MRP requirements
* Vendor performance tracking - by item -including: on-time delivery, quality
(rejects and returns), price, and volume
* Vendor quotes - record price quotes by item- vendor, with quantity break and effective dates
* Item-vendor level controls: quantity break pricing, vendor's item number, purchase
lead time, outside processing information
* Allocation of purchase order line charges to work orders
* Multiple GL account distributions per purchase order line
* Engineering change control on purchase order releases
* Purchase to stock unit of measure conversion
* Pricing unit of measure
* Multi-currency and multiple tax support, including GST and VAT
* Easy-to-use inquiries and reports - open PO's, expected receipts, & history - by vendor or PO or item
* On-line update of inventory at receipt
* Receiving inspection process - reject reason codes
* Dock-to-stock receiving -with material transfer to put-away location(s)
* Identification of vendor lot(s)
* In-transit visibility to incoming receipts (staged receipts)
* Simplified processing of staged receipts
* Vendor returns processing - authorization and shipping
* Supports two-way or three-way matching with AP invoices
* Multiple levels of tolerance for closing purchase orders and matching PO to receipt(s) to AP invoice(s)
* One-time vendors
* Purchase non-inventory items using a description only