Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable function requires advanced controls - to secure company funds - but they must be blended with easy-to-use automated techniques to process large volumes of invoices, purchase orders and receipts.

KA's Accounts Payable (AP) system incorporates advanced 2-way and 3-way matching techniques to automate the matching process. AP provides for easy disbursement processing using an automated invoice selection approach.

AP can be further streamlined by requiring that KA Purchase Orders provide validated GL account distributions. AP supports one-time vendors, multi-currency, and automated creation of GL journals.

Key benefits of Accounts Payable
* Automated processing, with validation, to streamline payables processing
* Improved control using three-way match - with tolerances for match acceptance
* Improved cash management due to cash forecasting abilities
* Complete flexibility and control over cash disbursements

Key features of Accounts Payable
* On-line entry of vendor invoices
* On-line 2-way or 3-way matching with purchase order and receiver(s)
* Forced matching with secured password
* Matching tolerances on quantity, price, and extended amounts
* Purchase price variance reporting and booking
* Multiple GL distributions per invoice line
* Supports Sales and Use tax, GST, and VAT
* Supports multi-currency - calculates and books realized and unrealized gain/loss on currency
* Automatic creation of GL journals
* Recurring payables
* Vendor debit and credit memos
* Multiple addresses per vendor
* Check voiding
* Returns to vendor (PO) can automatically create debit memos Bank reconciliation -
on-line or using bank tape
* Threshold amount levels on checks for signatures
* Vendor inquiries and reports