Master Planning System
Manufacturing planning is an increasingly difficult task: ever-changing Customer requirements, rapidly shrinking manufacturing lead-times, demand for lower inventory levels, and the growing use of JIT. The KA Master Planning System (MPS) provides the tools for planners to meet these challenges and improve planning performance dramatically.

MPS uses accurate Customer demand - combined from blanket order releases and spot-buy orders -plus Customer authorization levels or your own forecasts to create a recommended manufacturing schedule. You are in complete control - you control the forecasts, the planning parameters, lot sizing, safety stock rules, etc., and you can adjust the master production schedule to fit within your capacity constraints.

MPS includes an easy-to-use Rough-Cut Capacity analysis facility, smoothing techniques, and multiple inquiries and reports - all designed to streamline the planning process.

Key benefits
* Fast and effective production planning using accurate, timely demand and inventory information
* Incorporate forecasts to drive the plan for long lead-time items

Rough-Cut Capacity Plan
* Evaluate the plan relative to capacity constraints - user-defined resources &
capacities support labor, machine, and material resource constraints
* Multiple smoothing techniques

Key features of the Master Planning System
* Master schedule is automatically developed using demand from Customer orders,
releases and forecasts
* Master schedule uses item-level lead time, lot sizing and safety stock rules to develop
recommended manufacturing schedule
* Repetitive manufacturing plan is created by item and required date
* Simulation plans are easy to develop
* Master plan at any level of the bill of material
* Time fence rules to reduce fluctuations
* Freeze NMS capability
* Three smoothing techniques
* Projected sales and gross profit

Rough-Cut Capacity Plan
* Rough-cut capacity inquiry to view over/under capacity - and to adjust the plan
* User-defined resources for rough-cut - anything can be evaluated with respect to load versus capacity
* Bucketed inquiries and reports with user- defined buckets - days, weeks, months