Knovalent Consulting

Do you want to enhance your objective approach to planned business solutions improvements and new technologies?

Knovalent can assist you to deliver high-value results with activities across a wide range of services.

We understand that companies must integrate multiple applications and supply chains in near real-time to be more competitive. Our experience enables us to transform existing business process and supply chain challenges in hand into an innovative solution. We create custom solutions for our clients, and with more experience than any other solutions provider, you can count on Knovalent to provide the best product money can buy.



Business-Systems Assessment - when you want to add to your objective assessment of how well current or planned systems and applications fulfill required business functions

Business Requirements Definition - when you want another party as a neutral source for business-driven requirements definition

Project Validation - when you want to lower the implementation risk associated a business case or a project

Train-the-Trainer Implementations - when you want a train-the-trainer approach to efficiently utilize project resources

Other Challenges?

Knovalent can help you deliver a custom project results to meet your focused business needs. Please call us at +734.996.8300 x100.