Knovalent Solutions

Manufacturing Overview

KA''s unique manufacturing system supports concurrent interactive repetitive and discrete (work-order) manufacturing methods in a single factory. Most systems started with work orders and added repetitive capabilities. Knovalent Automotive Manufacturing supports both repetitive and discrete manufacturing - providing exceptional flexibility and ease-of-use, plus improved scheduling, reporting, WIP-tracking, scrap costing, and analysis capability.

KA supports tools and tool reporting; work-centers, machines and downtime/utilization reporting; project costing for prototype engineering & construction; planning simulation; and comprehensive ECN management.


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EDI/Release Accounting
Automotive EDI
Release Accounting
Order Processing
Shipping & Invoicing
Vendor Release

Engineering Data Manager
Master Planning System
Shop Floor : Discrete
Shop Floor : Repetitive
Bar Coding

General Ledger
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable

Inventory Management
Purchasing & Receiving